Cyclo - A Unique Cultural Icon of Hanoi

Cyclo is a traditional and popular mode of transportation in Hanoi, especially in the Old Quarter. More than just a means of getting around, cyclo are a unique cultural icon of the capital city, closely associated with the history and daily lives of its people.

History: In the early 20th century, the French introduced cyclo to Hanoi. Initially, these human-powered vehicles served primarily as a mode of transportation for tourists and French residents. However, over time,cyclo became increasingly popular among Hanoians themselves, transforming from a novelty for foreigners into a practical means of getting around for the city's populace.

Characteristics: These iconic vehicles are piloted by a single driver and feature two wheels supporting a passenger compartment in the rear.  They are often adorned with vibrant colors, featuring decorations like flowers, lights, and flags that add to the visual charm of a cyclo ride.  It's worth noting that there are various cyclo designs, though the most common types you'll encounter are the three-wheeled and the two-wheeled variations.

Cost: Unlike taxis with metered fares, rickshaw rides are a negotiation. The final cost depends on the distance you travel and your bargaining skills. Typically, for short trips, expect fares to range from 50,000 Vietnamese Dong (around $2.20 USD) to 150,000 Vietnamese Dong (around $6.60 USD). So, agreeing on a price before setting off is recommended.


- Flexible transportation in the Old Quarter.
- Experience Hanoi's unique culture.
- Admire the city's scenery at a leisurely and relaxing pace.
- Communicate and chat with the cyclo driver.

Some notes for you:

- Bargain the fare before getting on the cyclo.
- Be careful when riding a cyclo through crowded streets.
- Bring a hat, cap, and sunscreen if riding a cyclo during the day.

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