Vietnam Beverages, beverage has been considered as one of human basic need. In Vietnam, this industry has been studied to develop strongly

Coffee production in Vietnam

Coffee production has been a major source of income for Vietnam since the early 20th century. First introduced by the French in 1857, the Vietnamese coffee industry developed through the plantation system, becoming a major economic force in the...

Hanoi's coffee culture, like no other

Sai Gon has coffee on high floor, and under ground, etc., whereas Hanoi has street coffee and traditional cafeteria. The competition between Trung Nguyen coffee system, modern Cappuccino coffee and traditional coffee is still equal. This reveals...

Vietnam Tea

Nowadays, Vietnam is considered to be one of the cradles of the world’s tea plants. When the French invaded Viet Nam, they paid special attention to tea plants with much research and many investigations into the quality of Vietnam tea.

Tea areas in Vietnam

Tea is popular in Vietnam, planted in many provinces. The main tea growing areas of Vietnam are as follows:

Vietnam Tea Market Overview

Vietnam is not only famous as the home of rice but also known as one of the most ancient cradle of tea. Vietnamese people have planted tea for over three thousands years and nowadays, drinking tea has become a traditional habit of each family.

Tea products in Vietnam

Viet Nam has grown many and various types of tea such as che Tuyet, che Moc cau, che man, che chi … Each one is combined with a particular kind of flower: che man with chrysanthemum; che bup with hoa soi flowers; high quality che man and che bup...

Vietnam Tea Culture

Tea drinking has been a tradition of Vietnamese people for over three thousands years.There are many aspects of tea culture worth noting. The therapeutic and medicinal functions of tea are well known and in hot weather, hot tea is devoured for its...

Tea and Health

Anti cancer function Numerous studies suggest that green tea protects against a range of cancers, including lung, prostate and breast cancer. The reason cited is the antioxidant epigallo catechin gallate (EGCG), according to Hirofumi Tachibana's...

Tea Process

The first step in tea production is the harvest. Most harvesting is still done by hand, which (as you can imagine) is very labor-intensive. Some growers have had success using a machine that acts much like a vacuum cleaner, sucking the leaves off...

Vietnam Beer

In Hanoi, you can find the simplest corner bar on Earth with tiny plastic stools on the sidewalk, small tables on the ground, laden with glasses of beer. Come to Vietnam to try Vietnamese beer and see how men drink beer with favorite refrain such...

Nuoc mia or sugar-cane juice

Sugar-cane juice is a type of drink commonly found in Vietnam as a refreshing drink during the hot Vietnamese climate.

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