The oldest crab soup in Hue

The shop that introduced bánh canh cua to Hue is still serving to its faithful customers. These days, few places in the former imperial citadel specialize in the soup that combines thick noodles and crab meat.Lovers of the dish still line up outside Nga’s restaurant at 32 Pham Hong Thai Street.

Bun bo gio heo (Beef and fork soft noodle soup)

Preparing Bun bo gio heo is very skillful. Pig leg is clean-shaved, chopped into even slices with adequate bone, meat and skin, mixed with lean beefs, and soaked with salt, pepper, fish sauce, dry onion and spices.

Com hen song Huong (Perfume River mussel cooked rice)

Com hen is always attractive to many customers because it is tasty and, at the same time, economic to anybody

Goi (Vietnamese Salad Recipes)

Salads are popular in Vietnam. Simple combinations such as cooked chicken and shredded cabbage are given an exotic touch by the addition of chopped mint and fresh coriander leaves and the inevitable nuoc mam sauce or nuoc cham, used as a dressing.

Thien Mu Pagoda

Thien Mu pagoda is about 4km Northwest of Hue city center. You can get here either by boat or by bike. The road is very scenic but the severe heat in Hue means that you will have a perfect ride in early morning or late afternoon.

Khai Dinh Tomb

Though the smallest, Khai Dinh tomb is the most costly and recent compared with other Nguyen royal tombs. Inside the tomb there are two statues modelled the King: the one on the throne was scultured in Paris in 1920 by Ducuing and Barbedienne.

Gia Long Tomb

About 14km South of Hue, the tomb does not only host King Gia Long but also contains a large group of tombs for the King’s family and relatives. Those tombs were built over 17th and 19th century and recognized as one of UNESCO World Heritages.

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